Built- Up Area: 5000 sq.ft | Year: 2018

Role: Architecture, civil engineering and construction

Set admist a tightly packed row of houses, the site 19’ by 80’, required careful planning for lighting and ventilation. The client’s brief was to have a duplex of 3 BHK on the rear side for their own use and a common staircase leading to the other 3 units which could be rented out. The plan incorporated adequate open-to-sky courts to maximise natural lighting and ventilation for all the areas of the house. The façade was designed to reflect the programs that hosted behind. The bedroom’s balcony has a lower height wall to ensure lighting and ventilation along with street views whereas the kitchen & service area has a higher wall to ensure privacy but allowing adequate natural light. The façade was a simple experiment with curves. The façade ensures the building pops up and also blends with the row of other houses.