AIS provides architectural services, civil engineering consultancy, construction and valuation. With efficient organisation, each wing of AIS has its own lead, functioning as a separate entity whilst also collaborating seamlessly with other wings of AIS as well as with other firms.


AIS provides exclusive and innovative design solutions using the latest Building Information Modelling platform along with financial modelling. Collaboration between the Architecture and Civil Engineering wings and external structural consultants provides sustainable and cost effective designs and a one-stop solution for clients. Within a short span of time, AIS has designed and executed projects in the residential, commercial, leisure & entertainment, education and memorial typologies.


AIS has been providing Project Management Consultancy (PMC) since inception. PMC services bridge the gap between architecture and construction. AIS provides periodic site inspections and reports for all consultancy services.


AIS has a strong 150+ skilled and stable workforce to undertake construction projects led by the Civil Engineers and Supervisors of AIS. AIS has undertaken both government and private construction projects for the past 35 years. AIS is renowned for its accuracy in civil engineering consultation, speed in construction and exceptional quality.


AIS team of 15+ staff consists of people with diverse educational and professional backgrounds. AIS is reputed for long time employee career developments. AIS is an equal opportunities employer.