Built- Up Area: 900 sq.ft | Year: 2018

Role: Interior design

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Duration: 1 week

La Gateaux is the interior design of a café in the food court of Entertainment Block of Infosys Campus of Mahindra World City in Chennai, Tamilnadu. The client wanted a complete revamp of the space for a large dining capacity. A large inflow of young people demanded the space to be vibrant and attractive. The challenge was to work on a tight timeline for the project and a restricted shell which allowed minimal modifications.

We came up with a design to reconfigure the interior layout of the space. A larger counter to display an array of their savoury and dessert options, a separate billing area and a large window to look at the live kitchen. The seating was redesigned to seat large groups. We came with a hexagonal configuration using lesser floor space but with an increased seating capacity.

The 40’ seamless glass façade opens up the store to on-lookers. Hence, we came up with a colour palette that was unique in that complex. We were inspired from the texture and richness of pastry colours. Coral Peach, Raisin Plum and Vanilla white provided the right mix of colours for the design.

The walls were designed to provide a cosier and more casual environment. We came up with hand drawn doodles of patterns and graffiti of food items. The walls act as a visual canvas for the social media publicity. The lighting for the seating is suspended from the roof to invoke the idea of a street market fair.

The cafe has opened to highly positive reviews among the campus and the interior design of the studio is playing a critical role in attracting new customers.