Built-Up Area: 900 sq.ft | Year: 2017                                                

Role: Architecture, Civil Consultancy, Construction

Cream affair is the interior design of the first dessert studio in Pondicherry. The young client requested an innovative and contemporary design that is maintenance-free. The site is located within a 5min walk to the beach in the French colonial town at the heart of Puducherry. This location is a hotspot for tourists from Bengaluru and Chennai and for local beachgoers. The design challenge was to expand the space within the existing shell. The core idea of the design is to replicate the informal dessert enjoying experience at the beach. The design features a galleria leading up to the mezzanine cube seating area. The galleria along with the contemporary industrial finish for the interiors creates an ideal space for interaction. The dessert studio has opened to highly positive reviews and the interior design of the studio is playing a critical role in bringing in newcustomers and retaining long time ones.